The Greeks had two words for time – Chronos and Kairos. Chronos refers to chronological or sequential time while Kairos signifies the right, opportune, transformative moment for action. Biblically, Kairos means “the appointed time in the purpose of God.” It is in this time – the moment – where God acts. Kairos is a call to action, not necessarily in a crisis, but more precisely in opportunity and favor.

Kairos Improv is a series of highly interactive sessions connecting the principles of improv with Christian principles and practices.

The sessions cover topics such as Surrender and Serve, Embrace Uncertainty and Experience Joy – all through a series of engaging activities that are readily adaptable to all participants. 

Both improv and Christianity find their actualization in the opportune moment – Kairos.



Improv models the spiritual exercise of being present and receiving what God has for us at this particular point in time.

Mary Kim


It’s helped me come back out of my shell I had been hiding in for years. 



I used to be so focused on being what I thought other people thought of me instead of what God thought of me.  The more I realize that God loves me just the way I am at this very moment, the more I can live in the moment and thoroughly enjoy it.  



Over time I discovered that it really is possible to set self to the side and empower the people around you to accomplish a task as a group.



What you said about this being about honesty and being present was huge for me.  I showed up dishonest because I was just a “taker” and I was not present because I was evaluating and analyzing myself as well as the rest of the class.  By the end, I valued every single person for who they were and the freedom from myself was exhilarating.




People employ improv to create a decisive moment – capturing in words and actions what will be immediately applicable, appropriate and engaging. 

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