Hope to see you there!

HIMprov was formed in 2001 as a Christ-centered improv comedy troupe dedicated to God-honoring humor suitable for the entire family. HIMprov performed 20 years of free monthly shows at Bent Tree Bible Fellowship in Carrollton, TX as an outreach for those looking for comedy that entertains without offending. Besides their monthly Bent Tree shows, HIMprov performed across North Texas, bringing their laughter to youth retreats, men’s and women’s conferences, church socials, awards dinners and even a wedding reception (the couple met for the first time at a HIMprov show)! Then…along came the pandemic and the shows came to a grinding halt. In the post-pandemic world, a number of original HIMprov’rs thought it time to step away from improv comedy. BUT!!! The pull of improv was too strong to resist so HIMprov has been resurrected to bring light and laughter to audiences of all ages.